Managed Computers.

Support all Computer repair and Computer maintenance needs.

Managed Computer Backups Solutions

We provide your Small business Managed Computer Backups support for each computer you want to backup. All your Data is store on Cloud based servers for secure safe storage. This includes motioning for backup that have been missed for more then 4 Business Days. We open a ticket to resolve the failing backup at no extra cost to resolve the issue. Which can be great relief of stress. Knowing that your all your data is backup to the cloud to be restored in the event of hardware failure, Virus attacks, Worm Attacks, Even encrypt ransomware.

We support Local Rhode Island Client and Client by Remote Support.

we handle all the work for your piece of mind. Ready to restored to your computer at time due to any number of data lost reasons.

The Best deference from all forms of cyber attacks it a Great Backup Plan.

Contact us today to start backing up all your computers. Managed Computer Backups.

Fee Schedule Per a Machine/ Computer.

Personal Computer / Servers $12.00 month plus Data Pool Cost.

  • Data Pool cost.
  • 10GB
  • 25GB
  • 50GB
  • 75GB:
  • Custom
Don't forget to check out our Managed Antivirus Protection plans. Combine services to save $$$. 

Unmanged backup Solutions

We provide onetime setup to connect your machine to backup to your cloud accounts. This is provided at $40.00 /hr but may be included with other service preformed at the same time.

This solutions can be Microsoft One Drive, Google Backup and Sync, Google Drive File Stream, Drop Box.

Other Paid Services like, SOS Online Backup.

We would not monitor for any Failed Backup service, will don’t provide any direct support of issue that can occur with 3rd party services as part of this one time setup. Any Support after setup is at $40.00 Hour may not be combine with any other issue due to time dedicated time required to resolve issue.

Managed Antivirus Solution

Start your Managed Antivirus Solutions today with Don’t relay on limited free protection or no Antivirus malware protection at all.

Malware / Virus happen to even the most careful Internet Browsers. Even your favorite and trusted websites could get hack and sharing Malware / virus to your computer.

Allow us to be your trust source to resolve all your Virus and Malware infections.

Bundle with Managed Backups Today or Complete Manged Computer packages.